Becky's Perfect Pizza

I love pizza! I love thick crust and thin crust and everything in between. I really think pizza is my all-time favorite food. (Oops, I forgot about bacon – now THAT is perfect food).

I have been making homemade pizza since I was a pre-teen and used boxed hot roll mix. Over the years I have tried many yeast to flour to water ratios as well as dried yeast, rapid rise yeast and cake yeast. The yeasty taste and smell are so important. It makes you realize it is homemade—frozen pizza just can’t capture that specific aroma.

I will share my perfect pizza recipe in the next blog and I hope you will give it a try. Read on for a pizza story and a few ideas.

My son is the perfect pizza fan. He likes a thin crust, plain (cheese and sauce only) and he likes it often! When he went away to college and then law school I would make up a double batch of dough every two weeks. On Sunday nights, I would roll out the dough into 12 thin crusts and bake until it was just a tiny bit golden. Monday mornings would find me at the post office with a priority mail box in hand full of pizza crusts. Off to Boston or wherever he was at the moment they would go. I mean this is one lucky kid. I even used to regularly mail him homemade cherry pie in a special container. My friends would make fun of me for going to all that trouble, but the worst part was standing in line at the post office. Too bad this was a number of years ago and they didn’t have the self-mail stations you can now use day or night.

The crusts are delicious, can be frozen, then topped with your favorites and baked for a very short time.

I have made the crusts tiny (cut out with a cookie cutter) for appetizers with fresh basil and mozzarella toppings. I have also rolled the dough into larger individual crusts and had friends over to create their own specialties and I have made giant pizzas with great success.

WOW! I am making myself hungry. Let’s have pizza tonight!!

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