The Guac Off

Hi Becky Knows Everything Readers! So, Becky is taking a few days off from blogging and asked me (her daughter Adie) to fill in. I recently went to a great party and she thought you would be interested, so I am happy to oblige! My mom always throws a really fun party and one of the things she taught me is to have either a theme or some sort of activity to keep the night lively. People love to play games, dress up, and compete – throw some cocktails into the mix and you’ll have yourself a killer party.

When I was little, mom would always put on wonderful parties for my friends – when I was 8 there was “Adie’s Ladies Lunch”, an elegant luncheon for 6 of my friends. And by elegant, I mean we used the fine china and ate Andes Mints. When I was 12 she threw a “Come As You Will Be In The Year 2010” party. My girlfriends and I dressed up as the women we would become in 2010. I was a pregnant lady with a missing tooth – thank god that’s not what actually happened, but I guess I still have another 5 months. Her friend Mrs. Parker dressed up like a gypsy and told our fortunes. And then there was that “Christmas in July” party where all my friends came over and decorated Christmas cookies, followed up by caroling in the neighborhood. I am sure the neighbors thought we were insane.

Okay, so you get my point. To have a great party, you’ve got to plan something or else everyone just sits there and is boring. My husband and I just moved to Boston and we were thrilled when my co-worker invited us over for a party – the main event was a guacamole making competition. NICE! Needless to say, I was psyched. I came armed with my molcajete and with all the ingredients I needed to make Rosa Mexicano's famous guacamole tableside – I wanted it to be nice and fresh. That’s right, I meant business. To sway the voters I bought five types of candy bars and tied cute little notes on them asking the voters to support me. A note on the Mounds bar said “I bet you could eat mounds of this stuff! Vote for Adie!” A note on the Payday said “God this guac is better than payday!” Apparently, I have a lot of extra time on my hands.

I am sad to report that my husband and I made a huge party blunder and showed up late. We walked in just as they were judging the 8 official guac entries. Each competitor placed his/her entry on a main table and each bowl was labeled with a letter. The party-goers took a taste of each, cleansing their palates in between with Coronas. Then came the anonymous vote. After the hostess took the official tally she announced the winner. The crowd broke into cheers as letter F was named the most delicious guac of the night. It was a traditional guacamole with a twist – chunks of mango that made it nice and fruity. I was so disappointed I didn’t get to officially compete – I just know I could have won. I guess next year I will make sure to show up on time.

So remember, the next time you plan to host a fiesta, have a competition or make your friends dress up. Everyone is sure to have a great time.

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