More Floral Tips and Tricks

I promised I would give you some more info about ordering flowers from a florist and here you go:

Beware of the standard holiday centerpiece. I have worked for large and small florists and they all do the same thing (like the cut flowers in a vase from my recent blog). They will make up dozens or even hundreds of identical centerpieces for the holidays. For Thanksgiving they will feature yellow mums, any rust colored flower and HORRIBLE FAKE LEAVES. For Christmas they feature poinsettias, one or two red candles, some berries, and Christmasy greens. If you want to send a centerpiece to a friend (and it is generally a nice thing to do – although she probably already has plans for the center of her table and sometimes the table is so full of food there is no room) please, please be specific about what you want so the florist will have to make up something special just for you. Better yet, don’t order a centerpiece. Order a low silver bowl filled with red roses and holiday greens or a pretty red tulip and lily combination - the hostess can put this in a lot of places.

We LOVED when someone would order something different, like red and white roses, poinsettias and curly willow – it was a nice break from the monotony. I once went to a holiday gathering and the hostess had received THREE centerpieces from the same florist, all exactly alike. This is a failure on so many levels – the phone people, the floral manager that handed out the orders, the designer and the delivery driver. Pretty much takes out any feeling you got something special!

Go to T.J. Maxx or a place like that and buy a special urn or cool vase and take it to the florist and let them fill it. Already you have done something nice. Or bring something you own but don’t use like an oversized wine glass – they will fill it with moss and beautiful flowers. Be specific about greenery too, say “no leather leaf please”—that’s the junky greens you get at the grocery. They will have to give you ruscus or a fern and won’t charge more.

*Becky Knows Everything: With the economy the way it is, please try to support your local florist. Flowers are considered a luxury item and in tough times people don’t send them. If you do, please go to a florist. Don’t we all think the grocery stores make enough money?? I mean, Philadelphia Cream Cheese is $2.49 here – IT WOULD COST $10 FOR ME TO BUY THE CREAM CHEESE FOR MY FAVORITE CHEESECAKE. Now that’s a problem!!

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