Debbie B's Marvelous Meatballs

This is such a great, easy to make appetizer recipe that I just had to share it. I am not really a meatball eater – I never understand those crazy sauces that all start with grape jelly (which no one I know eats unless they are in grade school), BUT this has a sweet-sour layer of flavor and it is terrific. Perfect for a crowd since it makes a lot.

Get out your crockpot! In the pot, layer one large package of plain frozen meatballs (NOT in sauce and NOT those Swedish ones), alternating with a 16 0z. can of sauerkraut, drained.

Now, in a bowl, mix together one bottle of Heinz Chili Sauce, one bottle of water (use the empty sauce bottle), ¾ c. brown sugar, and one can of whole berry cranberry sauce. Mix until the jellied part of the sauce is smooth.

Pour onto the meatballs, and mix it all around a bit so the sauce coats it all. Put the lid on your crockpot and cook this mixture all day on low. Really, about 8-9 hours. If you don’t do it long enough the meatballs taste rubbery.

When ready to serve, they will stay hot in a bowl or chafing dish, or at some gatherings people serve them directly from the pot.

*Becky Knows Everything: When you start to eat these, be sure to stand next to your husband or a friend and put all your used toothpicks on their plate so you don’t look like you devoured the whole thing. (This is also a good tip for those tiny smoky wieners my sister makes).


Bill B. said...

Hi Becky - Do you have a good recipe for stuffed cabbage? I searched through my collection and I don't have one and there are too many options on the internet. If you have one, I sure would like to have it. Thanks

BECKY B. said...

Hi Bill. I do have a great recipe for stuffed cabbage - I will share it in an upcoming blog. It's that time of year for stuffed cabbage or a great stew. And I agree, hunting around on the internet can be overwhelming.

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky,
I LOVE this recipe. After eatting these meatballs at Addriene's Christmas party, I made them to bring to a cookie baking party. Since I have a freezer full of venison (of course I do; I'm from south central PA!)I used venison meatballs instead. They turned out great! Thanks!!!

BECKY B. said...

Oh great Jamie! I am so glad they were a hit. There is something about the cranberry sauce and the chili sauce that makes the sauce so good. I have never made them with venison before - very interesting. Hope you had a Merry Christmas sweetie.