Quack Quack Easter is Calling

We are having friends for an Easter brunch this year and I wanted to talk to you about it. I am serving stewed bunny rabbit stuffed with dressing made by combining melted chocolate eggs, bread cubes and sautéed onions. YUM! Just kidding – a little Easter humor. I am actually serving a recipe from one of my favorite cookbooks, “I’ll Cook When Pigs Fly”, one of the great cookbooks from the Junior League of Cincinnati. It is Macadamia Nut French Toast (p. 205). You must try this, it is so easy to make and fabulous! You can buy the book on Amazon for about $15. Check out When Pigs Fly.

Along with the French Toast, I am serving a traditional ham and egg cheesy brunch dish, a big fruit salad and a basket of croissants. Oh and I almost forgot – there will be Bloody Mary’s available as well as Mimosa’s to get us into that holiday mode.

My table centerpiece will be spring tulips in a crystal vase filled with jelly beans. If you do this, you might have to “tube” the flowers as the jelly beans lose their color in the water if they sit too long. I was going to give as party favors one of those Martha Stewart crystal eggs that are so pretty and look simple to make, but can you eat those? I think not! So a chocolate bunny it is, wrapped in a party bag tied with polka dot ribbon. Don’t you think the ears taste the BEST? Happy Easter!!

*Becky Knows Everything: In case you don’t know, “tubing” flowers means you put the stems in little tubes you have filled with water. These are available at any florist or grocery florist or at the craft store.


Stephanie B. said...

Tete Becky - I LOVE the new site! Great idea...and especially all of the food blogging. So much of my own love for cooking comes from you, Tete Bonnie and Baba - and all of those memorable family recipes. And a visit to your house is always a treat - you are the ultimate hostess! Can't wait to read more. Stephanie

BECKY B. said...

Thanks sweetie. I am so glad you like it!