Watching the Food Network

Many years ago, when the Food Network consisted primarily of Emeril, I became an avid viewer. My mom and I would get on the phone and watch it together, discussing the menu, techniques, etc. Now of course, the Food Network has evolved into variety of programming almost 24 hours a day. We can watch Paula Dean slather that butter or sour cream on everything while speculating on the question –“Is she wearing a wig or what?” Her hairstyle and color change so much, it is difficult to tell. And on a side note, I do think those Dean brothers are pretty cute too.

We can watch my personal favorite, Ina Garten (the Barefoot Contessa) make classic dishes for her wide assortment of friends and “Jeffrey” her husband. Its fun to watch her drive her convertible in the Hamptons and shop locally for beautiful flowers (always one color and usually orange), veggies and breads. The only problem I have is I sure wish she would change out of that baggy blue work shirt once in awhile. She must buy those in bulk. And can she please lose that annoying giggle and the phrase “how bad can that be?” But overall her food is delicious and I highly recommend her cookbooks.

Bobby Flay, why does he ALWAYS lose the throwdown???

If you haven’t watched the Food Network, give it a try. Don’t miss “The Next Food Network Star” series which I think starts in June. Totally fun to watch a novice chef cook and talk on camera at the same time. Deliciously funny disasters often happen!


Stephanie B. said...

The Food Network is constantly on in my house - I even get up at 5:30 on Saturday mornings to watch Nigella Lawson (my all-time favorite chef) and Ellie Krieger. My boyfriend even likes it, especially Giada's show, though I'm pretty sure he's watching that one for some reason other than the food - ha!

BECKY B. said...

Hi Stephanie! My daughter's husband is always wishing that the food will drip down Giada's shirt so she will have to change it on air. He loves to cheer "take your top off!" As far as Nigella goes, I'm not sure I get her. She always seems to be marinating meat I don't understand, i.e. chicken thighs. And Ellie Krieger is a little too healthy for me. Paula Dean, bring me some butter! What are your thoughts on Sandra Lee? I've gotta a friend that is pretty sure her underwear matches her window treatments.